Life’s Purpose

I’ve been struggling, more so these past few weeks trying to get a clue as to what my purpose in life is. I’ve been neglecting many of my chores, homework and duties to read books, listen to talks, answer questionnaires – all to no avail.
I have been so wrapped up in earning a living and raising my children that now that they are beautiful and independent adults, I am at a loss. I am making more money than I ever had and I do like my job and the people I work with very much, but I still have this vacant, empty, incomplete feeling. I’ve tried participating in outings with friends and keeping busy by taking classes that I think will help me to hone a hobby, or passion but that perpetual emptiness continues to reign.
I enjoy traveling and have done so extensively and expensively but even that is just a brief distracting interlude. I like to think that whatever and wherever I am, it is where I was meant to be but sometimes, the reasons seem unclear. I question whether I am using destiny or fate as an excuse to not work harder to find my purpose in life…where do I start?
I am open to your suggestions, stories of finding your own purposes or passions or questions that we may all be thinking…