Sydney, Australia

Sydney – what to say – in love with this city!
Love the newness and bustle of the city including the politeness and kindness of the people. Liked the professional dress of the men and women – suits and real shoes and dresses with hoses and coats – very nice.

Love the old areas in New South Wales especially Surry Hills with all the little unique cafes with such excellent food and service. Speaking of cafes – the delicious coffee is not to be compared and my server at Pieno was kind enough to give me an overview in ordering coffee here in Australia after I asked for a regular coffee. That would now be a flat white – a new fave!

Loved the melting pot of cultures and foods!!!  Asian/Chinese street food – yummy – imagine squid on a stick seasoned with cumin and chile, chicken satay on a stick, even potato chips on a stick and crab and prawn in balls of tempura – all mouthwateringly good!  I wanted to try it all – and I did!  Had Indian/Malaysian food twice – vibrant flavors, tasty and filling comfort food available late at night when the time change caught up with me and was indicated by hunger pangs.
My favorite remains the brekky foods with fresh eggs poached just right with the brightest orange yolks, fresh whole grain toasts with very delicious butter and maybe Vegemite on the side and the most delish bacon and meats.  Another favorite is the roasted vegetable panini made with eggplant, red peppers, fish and chips at Circle Quay…you get my obsession…

Gelato with a variety of flavors that are unparalleled – I first had Veronese chocolate dipped in Nutella at Darling Harbor!! Don’t judge me – I am on holiday!

Enjoyed using the OPAL public transportation pass which we used on buses to go to Bondi beach, Circle Quay, Darling Harbor and even on the ferry. The card is scanned upon entering and upon leaving – it hated me though because it refused to scan the first time – every time – probably due to this user’s misuse!  Met Crocodile Dundee at Madame Tussaud’s – still looking for my own crocodile hunter…hmmm…

Last, but certainly not least – great news – Ashlee, my daughter and Nil, long  got engaged in the most beautiful setting – the Chinese Garden of Friendship – all the very best wishes to both of them.

Stay tuned as I head to Cairns and the Great Barrier Reef!