Hello world!


Welcome to my blog!!  I hope this will be a forum for sharing thoughts, ideas and dreams.

I am forty-something and free – divorced, with grown children.  So excited to have some “me” time!  I am looking forward to experiences and dreams that I have long put aside and getting to know the new and independent woman that I have unknowingly become.

So, join me in my endeavor to discover my world and give me an insight into yours.


11 thoughts on “Hello world!”

  1. Hey Cousin i am so Proud of you and the life you have . Enjoy yourself because you deserve it . You have a beautiful kids that love you always. So go ahead and live your life to the fullest . Love you always Sister Surita. Xoxo xox

  2. Kaisri, you are amazing to travel alone but I agree with you. Enjoy life now while you can because it’s too short. PERU IS BEAUTIFUL, the pictures are breathtaking. Makes me want to go there some day hopefully soon.

    1. Peggy, Peru is amazing – such a wonderful place, such humble and nice people, not to mention great food, scenery, history and culture. As for the kiss, well…who doesn’t like a good smooch now and then!

    1. Thank you Vishal, they’re just a small selection of the almost thousand that I took! You have got to see this place for yourself, the pictures, though beautiful cannot do it justice.

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